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The Top 8 Looks from the Citystars Luxury Fashion Show

Earlier this month, Citystars hosted Egypt's first luxury fashion show, featuring a flurry of high end brands. Countless stunning outfits graced the runway, but we selected our top 8 choices, and let you in on how you can shop the show!

On November 4th, luxury abound at Cairo's premier shopping destination Citystars, as the mammoth mall played host to the country's very first luxury fashion show. Society's fashion flock came out in full force to witness a slew of models decked out in ultra-luxurious outfits stampeding down the runway, all styled by The Fashion Studio. Brands from Calvin Klein to True Religion to Michael Kors all graced the catwalk for one sensationally sartorial evening. We were there, front and center, taking in all the runway looks, and have compiled a list of our favourites - and where you can get your hands on them in Citystars brand spanking new luxury corridor!

Killing it in Just Cavalli

This avant garde Just Cavalli coat, which can be found at dstore, killed it on the runway. Renowned luxury brand Cavalli represents Italian heritage, fabrics, and craftsmanship and this coat combines all those elements. Minimalist and sleek, the striking buckles add a unique and edgy touch that is pure Cavalli. Coat EGP 9,100.


Very chic in Versace Collection

This Versace Collection coat was the very epitome of elegance and the perfect winter staple for any slick city dude worth his salt. If you get real close you can see the detailing on the buttons which feature the brand's signature half Medusa. Coat EGP 7,709.


 Vivacious in Versace Collection

This look from Versace Collection nailed city chic with the vibrant red dress and black carryover bag. The cutouts on the front of the dress are a repeated feature of the brand's FW 15/16 collection and give some extra oomph to a sleek and simple dress, and as every girl knows, your outfit isn't complete without a statement bag - which is big enough to stuff all your essentials into. Dress EGP 4,005; bag EGP 7,008.


 Making waves in Love Moschino

If you want to stand out in a crowd, the surefire way to do is with Love Moschino's eclectic pieces, like this funky yin-yang pullover from the fun brand. This look - all from Love Moschino - used one statement piece and kept the rest simple. Pullover EGP 2,829; jeans EGP 1,921; sneakers EGP 3,296.


 Totally versatile in True Religion

Denim shirts can totally be done up. This runway look saw a laid back True Religion shirt paired with a statement necklace for a unique and versatile outfit. Shirt EGP 2,352.


Effortlessly cool in Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is all about clean lines and a modern and minimalist aesthetic and this look embodies the brand's signature. A simple t-shirt gets paired with an easy yet chic high-waisted skirt - toss on a black leather jacket, and you've got yourself a look that says 'I didn't try too hard but I am absurdly cool and you all know it.' Jacket EGP 4,995; skirt EGP 1,475; t-shirt EGP 550. 

Youthful and stylish in Burberry Children

Burberry is known for their signature British heritage look and they've translated that aesthetic to work for kids and make them just as stylish - if not more so - than their adult counterparts. This look features a wool cape paired with a fun plaid skirt and leather boots. Cape EGP 3,250; skirt EGP 1,625; boots EGP 3,020.

Vamping it up in Versace Collection

This runway look from Versace Collection was the perfect blend of elegance and vixen with a gorgeous purple hue, plunging neckline, and flowing fabric. Dress EGP 7,509.


You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @citystars.heliopolis.