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The Ultimate Shopping Concept 'Fashion Funds' Returns This Weekend

24 Egyptian fashion brands are set to showcase exclusive products at the glitzy fashion affair.

Fashion Funds

Over the last few years, Egypt’s fashion scene has, against all reason and logic, exploded into a veritable cacophony of creativity, originality and innovation. In layman’s terms, we are on the map, son. What has quickly followed is international recognition and, arguably more importantly, a renewed impetus at every level and in every facet of fashion as yet more and more designers emerge. There could be tens of reasons why, but one of the most pertinent has been events such as Fashions Funds, which is set to return on Saturday 13th of April at Zamalek boutique store, Maison 69.

Fashion Funds 2018/ CairoScene

'What is Fashion Funds?', you may be wondering. Well let us enlighten you. The perennial get-together is the ultimate seasonal event that brings together the hottest established and up-and-coming Egyptian fashion brands to serve you the trendiest fashion pieces along with mouth-watering bites in one go. The hip concept was founded by glitzy socialite, Heba Serag Eldin, back in 2015, and has since introduced Cairenes to countless Egyptian brands oozing with creativity, authenticity, and above all superior quality. This Saturday 13th of April, she's bringing it back with the biggest selection of brands and products yet, just in time for Easter shopping.

Fashion Funds 2018/ CairoScene

With 15% of proceeds going to charity, Fashion Funds is staying true to the cornerstone of its belief system; giving back to society. Furthermore, Maison 69 are also dropping their SS19 collection on the day, so rest assured, a shopping extravaganza is set to ensue.

"It all started off as a fashion exhibition, then quickly developed into Fashion Funds, which is a quite well-established concept now," Heba Serag ElDin tells CairoScene. "We want to be the link introducing superior Egyptian brands to the audience, and we've also become a platform for Egyptian designers abroad to introduce their products to the Egyptian market for the first time." 

The long list of brands partaking in Fashion Funds this year covers everything from accessories, to couture gowns, to casual wear. Malak El Ezzawy, Dina El Missery, Nazeeka, Koukla, Sara Onsi, and Mazourka, are just a few of the fashion-forward Egyptian brands set to showcase exclusive products at the all-day event. Accessories brands like Hayden, Bejawak and L’omda Boga, are also gearing up to bring their exquisite products to the brunch. All in all, there are 24 Egyptian brands (and one from Dubai!) that are set to take part in the glossy affair. The must-attend event is to bring A-list celebrities, fashion industry experts, as well as bloggers, media, and fashion enthusiasts together in one space. 

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