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There's a New Vintage Shirt Store in Town, and It's as Colourful as it Gets

Vecchio is bringing Cairo's thrift shops at our fingertips.

After a few years of unearthing hidden fashion gems in vintage shirt auctions and thrift shops in the streets and alleys of Cairo, fashion enthusiasts Nouran Sleat and Seif Attar decided to spice up the capital's fashion scene by launching their own online vintage shirts store Vecchio three months ago, sparring Cairenes the time and trouble to go vintage-diving themselves."Through my endless visits to Cairo's thrift shops and vintage auctions, I found that there are countless options when it comes to vintage shirts in Cairo, which is not something everyone is aware of. So we decided to bring them all together in one place," explains co-founder Nouran Sleat, further explaining that another motivation to launch Vecchio, which's an Italian word that literally translates to old, is to promote a no-waste and recycling mentality, as opposed to the mass production of big  fashion brands, which comes with a myriad of unethical practices, such as child labour.

To get your hand on one of those fabulous shirts, all you need to do is message Vecchio on Instagram to schedule an appointment to look through the whole collection.