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This Egyptian Brand is Bringing a Bit of Nature to Our Jewelry Boxes

With exquisite pieces and designs, ZM Collections is the perfect way to wear nature and connect with different places in the world.

Nothing conveys timelessness quite like both jewelry and nature. ZM Collection encapsulates the delicate beauty of both, creating handcrafted pieces of artwork.

“I find beauty in the roughness and rawness of nature's items,” told us Zeina Madwar, founder of ZM Collection. With unwavering dedication to quality, ZM is a unique nature-inspired brand, offering an unconventional twist to your average accessories. We love the modern pendants holding different fragments of nature and pressed between panes of glass.

Housed in mini terrariums, shells, fossils, and plants are arranged in compositions that highlight the beauty of nature, design, and colour, creating elegant pieces for everyday wear.

“A new line from ZM Collections' brand is a continuation from a series of paintings called The Infectious Series. These are unique miniature paintings made with ink. Each pendant is one of a kind, much like the paintings, replicas do not exist. Thus, by carrying an ink pendant you are not only carrying a piece of art, but also something you are sure no one else has,” explained Madwar.

The brand capitalizes on nature’s raw beauty, to represent something more intimate. The concept behind the brand is to create links from one place of the world to the other.

“I were to collect a fossil/plant/shell for example, from Fayoum, preserve it in a pendant, then travel with it to Switzerland and give it to a friend, then I have created an abstract link between two very different and distinct places,” continued Madwar.

The pendant may commemorate someone’s memory or experience, and so each design still stands out in its own right but the collection still has an overall unifying feel.  

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