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This Egyptian Shoe Brand Is Bringing Back Old School Charm

With sleek designs, Elia's ultra masculine loafers, oxfords and mules give you that bossy edge, without the maintenance.

Trade in the heels for some sensible flats? We thought you’d never ask. Elia, an Egyptian shoe brand is on our radar, creating oh-so-chic oxfords with multi-coloured tapestry design and effortless open loafers, with an ultra-masculine touch that won’t go unnoticed. 

“All our shoes are genuine leather and most of our collection is limited addition. When people really like a design, we innovate and tweak the design previous designs, we never repeat it again exactly,” says Amira Motawea, founder of Elia.

These babies are great for running errands or five-to-nine after working hours. The compliments will sure roll in as you parade them around – and yay for wobble free walks. Plus, they’re totally affordable, ranging between 700 and 1,500 EGP.

On another note - our generation’s obsession with mules has just begun and Elia’s sleek mules are proof we should join the club. We’re talking about chunky heels with cool patterns, leather flats and metallic gold ones with corded ankle straps that to prevent any awkward shoe slip-offs. These backless beauties are quite literally the dressy version of our favourite house slippers.

Elia is launching their latest line of winter boots soon, Loghz and we got an exclusive sneak peak of a few pieces:

“The inspiration was the buildings of Korba. You feel like Korba’s a theatre, if you touch it, it will fall. To me, the buildings of Korba are a mystery or even a riddle, how does this place come together like this?!” says Motawea enthusiastically.

Elia’s shoes are found in Hype and on Instagram. Check out their page here.