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This Gorgeous Geometric Jewellery Brand is Shockingly Affordable

Trinity Designs’ unique triangle earrings, arm cuffs, and collar chokers will take an everyday look from zero to sassy in no time.

In another confession of my jewellery addiction, I have this habit where I spend an embarrassing amount of my time filling up online shopping carts until they start totaling amounts in the thousands—and then I just sit there, stare at them and walk away. So, in my adventure in the cyber sphere of jewellery land, I’ve discovered something refreshingly different, Trinity Designs, a unique Egyptian jewellery brand making silver geometric earrings, chockers, bracelets are rings using semi-precious stones. And another part of this brand’s allure is that it’s so affordable, starting at 200 EGP.

Now that the classic black choker has been well exhausted to the full extent, Trinity Designs’ moves beyond '90s look and into new choker territory with their open delicate collars featuring colourful circles. And as much as I love stacked friendship bracelets, you can save them for Coachella and opt for something more 2018, like Trinity Designs’ adjustable hand cuffs - and I’m not talking about bulky or black leather ones, I’m talking about dainty hand candy. 

Fortunately, we don’t have to worry so much about mixing and layering our jewellery as Trinity Designs’ collar choker and arm cuffs can be paired with a matching ring and all work as a set. Plus points? For sure. “I’d like to think of the collar choker and the hand cuff as my signature pieces, I’ll keep making them no matter how big my business grows. I can’t say they were inspired by something specific. I mean anything can inspires me, anything from Azza Fahmy’s best seller piece to a quirky doorknob,” laughs Norhan Selim, co-founder of Trinity.

Trinity Designs’ triangular earrings are simple enough that it won’t clash with whatever you pull out of your closet, but still flashy enough to give anything you wear a kick. Not too small, not too big, and lighter than you'd expect. Tuck your hair behind your ears or tie it back in a high ponytail and let these statement earrings do all the talking. 

Check out and shop Trinity Designs’ jewellery via their Instagram page here.