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Tiyi’s T-Mask is the COVID-19 Creation Going Towards a Good Cause

In cooperation with the Egyptian Clothing Bank, each purchase of the new shirt mask will get a medical mask to those in need.


Local brand Tiyi’s newest creation comes in light of the current pandemic, taking a very literal inspiration from the hottest new trend we’re all in on— medical masks. With a stretchable turtleneck that doubles as a mask when you pull it over your face, the T-Mask is not just a witty play on the medical ‘accessory’ we’ve all been wearing, it's a style-oriented wellness product.

The new design is made from Egyptian cotton, with 5% Lycra to give some stretch. The unisex shirt is meant to help those in need of protective gear while staying in style (putting aside the fact that we’ve only seen our bawab in the past month - hey, if he thinks we look good, that's all the approval we need).

Tiyi has also teamed up with the Egyptian Clothing Bank, promising to donate one mask to first responders and those in need for every T-Mask sold. If you’ve been endlessly perusing pages of online stores like we have, hands hesitating over the checkout button due to the uncertainty that you’ll ever need cute clothes again, then, well. Listen. When the apocalypse comes and we're all living in a Mad Max-style wasteland where leather corsets are mandatory, then you can rest assured that by buying a T-Mask then at least you accomplished something with your purchase. Get yours at