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Tupri: Creative, Conservative, and Uber Cute

If you like clothes that make you stand out - without revealing too much - then Tupri is the online shop you've been looking for. Plus, they actually ask for your input when it comes to design.

Unless you’re a 15-year-old girl with a slight addiction to shopping, you probably get too lazy to hit the shops like the rest of us. This is why we thank the big guy up there that the online shopping movement is slowly - finally - making its way to Egypt. One of the online shops that really stood out to us is Tupri - a hieroglyphic word meaning outgoing. This is exactly what Jomana Gamal El Din and Hussein Kafafy were going for with their designs when they launched their first collection six months ago.

If you’re the kind of gal that likes to look fashionable and trendy but still fairly conservative, then Tupri is the brand for you. Their first two collections were actually mainly targeted at veiled women, but they can literally be worn by anyone because, well, they’re so darn cute. We're currently eyeing that pastel pink fringed kimono (it’s in our cart already, not going to lie). 

What makes Tupri unique though is not only that it delivers the clothes right to your doorstep, but also that they incorporate participatory design; this means that the designers are actually you guys! They don’t just go to random designers to create the clothes because that usually results in terribly commercial pieces. Instead, they actually ask girls to sketch the designs and discuss their needs and then create the pieces based on that, which is a refreshingly unique approach to take towards fashion. Tupri will probably be showcasing their clothes in stores soon, but until then you can just kick back and have them deliver it to you.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @tuprifashion.