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UNTY Summer Snapbacks

We speak to UNTY co-founder Omar Mobarek as the artsy-yet-urban Egyptian brand releases a capsule collection of three limited edition caps...

One of the city’s edgiest brands, UNTY continually rolls out creative new collections, constantly ahead of the curve, consistently capturing that artsy, effortlessly cool vibe. But this time around, right in time for summer, they haven’t launched an entire collection of graphic print tees in their signature style, but rather a capsule collection of three limited edition caps. And we know how caps are all the rage right now. Because when the going gets tough the tough go and get a snapback to cover up their bad hair day and instead look cool and hipster and whatnot.

“My partner Omar Fayez had really wanted to start a cap brand here – so we gave it a shot,” Omar Mobarek, co-founder of the brand explains. The collection features three distinctive caps; one that has a bit of a throwback vibe with denim and suede; a second that features a black and white graphic print; and a third that looks like a kid grabbed some paint cans and went crazy – but in the best way possible – resulting in all these whimsical artistic paint splatters. “We wanted to design three different caps – one for every style,” Mobarek elaborates. “The black one takes a pattern we’ve used before and the denim and suede one is the first time we’ve experimented with different materials and is surprisingly my favourite one.” The design of the third cap quite literally takes inspiration from Mobarek’s artwork. “I’ve been painting for about three years now and I’ve used the same piece of cloth to wipe the paint off the brushes – after a while I opened up this piece of cloth and found this print on it.” He snapped a photo of the kaleidoscope of colours and used it as the basis for the design of the cap.

The three hats are distinctively divergent but will each probably appeal to a different sensibility. “This was a very fun collection to work on since it was our first foray into hats and we wanted to see what sort of designs we can play with.”

A blend between high quality and cool design is what has some to signify the street wear brand and this time around is no different. Plus considering the unfortunate likelihood of Cairenes ending up with the exact same pieces of clothing (ahem, there was this one ubiquitous Aztec-print Bershka top every guy in the city owned – and incidentally all wore at the same time at the same party) they’re limiting the quantity of each design to only 15 pieces. So they will sell out fast.

You can purchase the caps through their Facebook page or Instagram account @UNTYdesigns, and they also retail at Pop Up Shop and The Lemon Tree Boutique in Sahel this summer.