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Vans Unveils New Shai Bel Laban-Inspired Shoes

The footwear giant just dropped three new shades of their classic Old Skool silhouette. And that’s the tea.


The crème de la crème of Vans is here. The iconic footwear giant just dropped a new iteration of their classic Old Skool silhouette - you know, the shoes all the cool kids in high school wore - in 3 shai bel laban-inspired colourways. The three new shades are titled Gentle Milk Cream, Smoked Milk Tea, and Hazelnut Flavour. 

We take our tea very, very seriously, as any self-respecting Egyptian does, and it warms our Gentle Milk Cream hearts to see shai bel laban finally becoming the inspiration it was always destined to be.  

We’d like to personally commend the powers that be for ingeniously naming the shades after the greatest warm drink of all time, rather than just slapping on a ‘taupe’ or ‘beige’, or even worse, ‘greige’. Looking forward to a future collection inspired by all the different hues of various types of ma7shy.