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Warped Jeans Brings an Alternative Twist to the Local Denim Scene

Warped Jeans is the local jean brand making you look like you have good genes.

A double waistband? Beige and olive tie dye pants? Janitor cuts and one piece flocks? What is this off the cuff madness, who is this Willy Wonking the denim world?

Local brand @warpedjeans first caught our eye with an insanely cool fashion film featuring choreographed dancers popping and locking through the industrial malaise of an abandoned textile factory to a bass driven score from alternative Egyptian producer Fuzzy Little Brain. We then fell knee deep into their feed showcasing a wide range of slightly left-field, slightly 'warped' designs for both men and women that were to dye for (pun absolutely intended, don't @ us).

Think erratically tye-dyed patches, patterned pockets and 90's cuts that kilter somewhere on the edge of - found on a clothing line in the depths of Wekalet el Balah, and catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. With about five million new sweats and graphic t-shirt brands popping up in Cairo every day, seeing a homegrown fashion outlet focus on denim is refreshing and makes us feel that we may finally be able to free ourselves from the sartorial cage of plain black Bershka slim fit jeans for once in our lives! Damn you Bershka! Unless someone from marketing or PR is reading this, in which case that was a joke, we love Bershka - would you like to advertise with CairoScene?

Warped was founded by Eshraka Sumrain and Lara Al Huneidi after working the denim game for years. The pair wanted to share their denim magic with Egypt as long-time champions of local manufacturing and craftsmanship.

"The sky's the limit when it comes to all the potential that denim-wear holds in terms of design and craftsmanship,"  Sumrain tells CairoScene. "Warped takes the traditional jean and distorts it in ways befitting of the brand’s name."

Their designs are a nod to the brand’s philosophy in celebrating those who own their ‘otherness.’ Their unisex designs aren’t just flamboyant, they’re also inclusive of every size and stature and they take this a step further by helping you pick out what suits your body type. So you don’t just get good jeans, you look like you have good genes.