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We Get an Exclusive First Look at AFH Designs' Summer Collection and It's Drop Dead Gorgeous

From seashells by the seaside to every hue of blue, travelling designer Farida Abushady brings the world to the palm of our hand with her summer collection, Of The Sea.

We often want to roam the world with the resonating belief that a part of us somewhere, somehow, is on the other side, waiting for us to find it. Farida Abushady, the mind, soul, and talent behind AFH Designs, believes just that – keeping universal symbols from ancient Egyptian, Roman, Nepalese, Turkish, Himalayan, Indian, and Buddhist cultures as a constant inspiration and an eternal reminder of the power the world holds in "adding more depth to our look, and a meaning behind the story," as she says.

For her summer collection, titled 'Of the Sea,' Abushady digs even deeper into the theme of multiculturalism and travel, experimenting with elements from the sea. "The SS16 collection is centered on the sea as everyone rushes to the beach during summer. Accordingly, most of the pieces are made of natural corals and seashells. Meanwhile, the colour scheme revolves around shades of blue and white," she tells CairoScene. The designer incorporates her beautiful thoughts and unmatchable creativity into a series of silk wraps that can be worn as chokers, belts, anklets, as well as gorgeous earrings made of hand-carved seashells from Indonesia, reflecting life in the sea and marine animals. The stunning pieces can be found at her pop-up shop in Tagamoa – until then, enjoy the sound of ocean waves as you scroll through the collection...


Check out her collection on Facebook and Instagram.