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We're 'Totes' in Love with This Egyptian Bag Brand!

Two communication engineers connected to make these darling bags.

by pavo

From totes to travel bags, duffel bags to diaper bags, backpacks to belt bags, we’ve just stumbled across Egyptian brand By Pavo and it is bag-goals.   

The year-old brand was created by, wait for it… two communications engineers! Khaled El Boraay, 29, and Mina Manadalon, 32, met while working at Orange.

Ahead of a three-day business trip, El Boraay grew frustrated at the lack of local and affordable luggage options and the seeds of Pavo were sown.

“We started to incubate the idea of creating an innovative practical product,” says Manadalon who designs the bags. “We spent a long time studying the basics of bag design and then set about re-engineering to create something that’s great quality, beautiful and practical.”

You see kids, it’s never too late to stick it to the establishment and follow your dreams. No we lie, they’re still at their respective day jobs, but we’re totally behind their stylish side-hustle.

To grab a bag, go to