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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve with Hydro's Body Positive Swimwear

Local brand Hydro Swimwear adds its voice to the conversation on body positivity, whether it's through their range of sizes for their modest swimwear, or their donations to help treat burn victims.

With labels releasing burkinis and other such modest swimwear into the international market, it’s not difficult to find yourself in the middle of a heated debate about inclusivity. It’s a discussion worth having. But inclusivity isn’t just about modesty - body positivity also has a place at the table, and Egypt’s own Hydro Swimwear is determined to further the conversation.

With a range of burkini styles, Hydro Swimwear creates swimsuits in sizes that range from XS to triple XL. Fittingly named ’Loveworthy’, their latest collection focuses on self-love and body ownership. This philosophy goes well beyond their designs, each of which are inspired by the body’s natural curves: Hydro Swimwear donates 10% of their proceeds to Ahl Masr Foundation, a charitable organisation that helps burn victims recover from their injuries and reclaim their body in the process.

All the patterns in the ‘Loveworthy’ collection were made entirely in-house and are unique to the brand, using light-weight fast drying materials for their fabrics. The label also makes complementary products like beach towels, which are sourced from 100% Egyptian cotton.

To order their designs, you can visit