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Za5rafa: Taking Egyptian Art to Fashionable New Heights

We check out the latest Egyptian brand embracing our heritage and projecting it onto fashionable ready-to-wear items.

Just when you thought baladi-chic was over, comes Za5rafa - a new up and coming Egyptian fashion brand that's embracing local arts, culture and patterns and reinterpreting them for fashionable, wearable looks. "I aim to bring it back to life on clothes that speak of identity, ethnicity, and utility," says founder and budding designer Seif Abdelrahman, who is an AUC student and pilot. His whimsical pieces embrace the current trend for ditching tight, revealing looks and opting for looser, flowing items that still have the same sultry appeal.


Currently only making womenswear, with plans to expand to menswear soon, Za5rafa is inspired by truly Egyptian decor, from calligraphy to tiling. "I have always been fascinated by tiles, glass and mosaics. The hand painted tiles in old Egyptian houses have haunted ever since I was a child, with their curvy calligraphy-like designs and vibrant paints. I have dreamt of extending this art culture to fashion and this is what Za5rafa is about," adds Abdelrahman. With a gorgeous photoshoot staring none other than Huda El Mufti, we expect to see more of this brand soon.

Check out Za5rafa on Instagram here.