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Zuhair Murad Finds Inspiration Among the Pharaohs in his Spring 2020 Haute Couture Collection

Zuhair Murad's Spring 2020 Haute Couture looks to the Ancient Egyptian civilization for inspiration.

zuhair murad spring 2020

World-renowned Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad showcased his Spring 2020 haute couture collection in Paris on January 22nd, which took our breath away with its powerful Pharaonic influences. The allure of Ancient Egypt has always been a source of inspiration for fashion designers all over the world, not just because of the timelessness of its patterns but because of the mesmerizing mystique of its mysterious civilization. ⁣

In his collection, Murad carefully used Egyptian Art Deco detailing, experimenting with colours and patterns to mimic hieroglyphics and tomb paintings. His careful colour selection stem from Ancient Egyptian artefacts and symbols, like scarab blues, elegant golds and pure ivory. One outfit that caught our eye on the runway was a bride who is said to modernize the image of Cleopatra with her stunning white crystal kalarisis with a veil to match, paired with a royal collar and a cape that swept us away.⁣

⁣Murad generally sees value in seeking inspiration from different cultural heritages in his collections, such as Imperial Russia and Native America. Through his homage, Murad’s collection serves as yet another reminder of the richness and depth of Ancient Egypt's grand civilization.