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This Collaborative Egyptian Fashion Shoot is Serving Tinsel-Town Realness

The seasonal fashion shoot hits the diamond-encrusted nail on the head of glam-holiday spirit.

Fashion Egypt

The holidays may be about virtues like generosity and humility, but we're neglecting the part we all pretend not to care about - indulgence. In the right perspective, the holidays are all about treating yourself and others. The glamour and the luxury of it all is half of the fun of the holidays, and you're lying if you don't agree. If you don't get it now, this seasonal fashion that brings together local designers hits the diamond-encrusted nail on the head of this kind of holiday spirit with artists collaborating to share their opulent designs will have you thinking otherwise.

This shoot denotes a penchant for glamorous taste by showcasing an impressive array of sparkly and colorful collections of evening wear along bold and dramatic ensembles. The captivating pieces serve high-fashion looks effortlessly, looking like they fit into a world where diamond powder sets across the land instead of frost. Cherif El Sirgany’s shimmering diamonds perfectly complement Omni’s embroidered mini totes and S.a.d.a.f.a’s mother of pearl clutches.

Adding to the enchantment, Marie Louis Bishara's mesmerising feminine winter separates alongside Farah Wagdy's diverse and innovating collection of playful blazers are perfectly juxtaposed together giving us a fashion-forward mix of femininity and a masculine silhouette. To up the winter wonderland glam even more, we have Sara Onsi's show-stopping gowns with have heads turning whether you're walking down the catwalk or an icy-tundra. Adding to the festivity are the ever-experimental Kojak's unflinching creations and Malak El Ezzawy’s extravagant and versatile dress designs, providing a pristine, impeccable look.

On the theme of indulgence, what better backdrop than Olivo? Caviar and champagne may come to mind when you think self-gratification, but let's get real- when we really want to treat yourself, wine and pizza is the go-to. This pairing gives this tinsel fantasy the perfectly wrapping it all together like the star on top of a Christmas tree.  

Images: Flare PR