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The Egyptian Fashion Label Turning Scarves into Art

These hand-painted silk scarves define wearable art.

Omar Farah Scarves

If you’re even the least bit plugged into the fashion world, chances are you’ve seen silk scarves on catwalks everywhere; they can be worn on the neck, over hair, on wrists, on bags, on waists – the possibilities are endless.

Strong, exotic color palettes and hand-painted designs are trending, and Farah Omar Designs is the place to go in Egypt should you want some smooth silk with designs that are much more than just that -  with each piece telling a unique story.

But how did it all begin for the 26 year old Egyptian?

“I’m an architect, but also an artist," she explains to CairoScene. "I’ve been painting since I was 14, and I always liked to explore different art techniques. I saw pictures of paintings on silk and I really liked the effect, so I tried painting on silk and really enjoyed it. At the same time, my passion for fashion gave me the idea to combine it with the art, and hand-paint these scarves. I made 10 at first, and tried to sell them. But I realised it wouldn’t be a sustainable business if I paint every single scarf myself. I then looked for printing factories to get the business on its feet.”

The artsy-fartsy Farah sees it as more than just selling a clothing item. “The idea behind the brand is not selling scarves. It’s more like selling art. I try to produce each piece with a concept behind it, and I want people to relate to it”, she added.

Rockin’ Farah’s scarves is like walking with a canvas around your neck. Minus the weird looks.

The Egyptian brand offers various styles that you won’t want to let slip through your fingers (ah, that fine silk). Her new collection, City Love, will have you rockin’ cities like Paris and New York around your neck - or however else you wear the versatile scarves.

“It started with Santorini," she told us. "I thought about drawing it on a scarf because it’s a city I’ve always been dying to go to, but never had the opportunity to. I always imagined how it looked, so I decided to put that imagination to work and paint it on a scarf. It got some good reception, so I thought to continue on the theme of iconic cities”, she added.

If you’re like us, and you’re lovin’ what you see, check out Farah Omar Designs on her website and Instagram.