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Hair Disaster Saviour: Gloria Keratin Specialists

The market is full of products that claim to be miracle treatments, and yet some of us have had traumatic experiences. We venture out to the expert, Nermeen Abou Salem who sets the records straight.

It all started with Keratin. Ever since then the market went crazy with new stuff and new names buzzing all around us, with hairdressers recommending the latest rage out there, whether it’s Collagen, Protein or Botox.

It is extremely unfortunate that not many know what the hell they’re talking about. Hair starts falling, getting weaker, and people start to lose faith in what was once hailed as a miracle treatment.

The good news is, Keratin indeed is the miracle treatment, when done the right way, by a keratin expert.

This is where Gloria Keratin Specialists come in to save the day, as they have saved many a head of hair from perishing.

What is a Keratin Specialist?

A Keratin expert is someone who doesn’t just slab whatever product on your hair just because it is the latest rage. An expert offers you a consultation, checks out your hair carefully, the feel of it, its structure and unique qualities, and asks what end result you want. Do you want wavy hair? Straighter hair? More volume? Less volume? What exactly does your hair need and what do you personally want are questions a specialist asks, and tells you what to expect from decided treatment.

We head to the master expert herself, Nermeen Abou Salem, founder, owner and hair expert of Gloria Keratin Specialists, who also happens to be the HR Director of one of the leading communication companies in Egypt, to ask her all the muddling questions about all the products out there and what exactly is it that Keratin is supposed to be.  





What are the Treatments Out There?

The treatment chosen from the options available is not the only decision that needs to be made, but also how long it will stay on before being washed off, what the exact temperature used will be, and the amount of pressure on the hair needed. One must bear in mind the most important thing: “The objective of the treatment is not to straighten, but to make hair more manageable and healthy. If one guarantees straightening then there are chemicals. Real chances are 50 to 80% straighter, and every type of hair gets very different results, all of which are always positive.” says Abou Salem.

A real Keratin treatment stays on the hair for 2 to 6 months. Anyone who claims their treatment is permanent, be sure that they are full of harsh chemicals, of which you should be very afraid.

We ask Abou Salem to clarify to us the difference between Keratin, Botox, Collagen and Protein, and we get an unexpected surprise. Turns out Collagen is not a treatment at all.

 “Collagen is  not a stand alone treatment. It is however a component of other products. It is found in treatment aftercare for example. But when advertised as a treatment it is purely commercial. It is an Inferior product mixed with chemicals. Collagen, however is included in Keratin treatments, and Botox is Keratin based.” Says Abou Salem. “All treatments from Keratin, to Botox, to Protein revolve around the same concept using restructuring components in different formulas. Based on the client’s unique hair type I can determine which formula to use. Protein works well with hair that tends to split while some kinds give volume but there is nothing stable. It is an ever changing market with constant developments and we test them all on ourselves and family members after getting the specific training for using them and before exposing any client to them. So there is no absolute best or 'latest rage'. It is all relevant to what suits your very own unique hair and expectations.” She adds.

How People Screw Up the Miracle Treatmet

People, in an attempt to get cheaper deals, end up wasting money and time on treatments that are cheaper because they are made in China, even though the label says they are made in Brazil or the USA.

Rule of thumb is, if a treatment is cheap, then the product is a scam, because Keratin itself is an expensive ingredient. The less Keratin, the more chemicals and straightening chemicals will be involved.

The market is full of scammers trying to cash in on the Keratin craze. Other people decide to buy their own product and use it on their own hair, but this is not a DIY project. This particular treatment needs to be done by an expert. As mentioned before, many factors need to be taken into consideration that are only perfected by taking courses, training, and years of experience.

Nermeen Abou Salem happens to be the only one in Egypt certified by Glamour Academy UK, although someone tried to Photoshop her certificate once and claimed to be certified as well, Abou Salem laughingly tells us. Luckily the academy monitors the specialists they educate, and brought the matter to Abou Salem’s attention. In addition to that she attends yearly training on all her products.

Hair treatment is not a one shot thing, “it is a long term thing. We can fix hair over time, and it is not instantaneous. It needs patience and dedication”, says Abou Salem. Although people with dry and damaged hair are those who come seeking treatment the most, “hair treatment is for everyone. No matter where you are it takes you levels up. Your hair quality is bound to improve. Generally speaking, you have to have a complete medical program if you have serious hair problems, like fine thinning hair, or weak hair. You also have to have the right expectations. It all depends on your hair, there has to be a program for hair care with a specific plan.”

You can go for a free hair consultation at Gloria; The Keratin Specialists. Call Nermeen Abou Salem for an appointment and you could follow her on Instagram @gloriaegypt.

For more information on hair treatments check out her website.