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This New Sunglasses Collection Is Sure To Jazz Up Your Sahel Summer

Summer here we come, all fabulous and Jazzy.

With summer in full swing, there are few perks that come along with the season to help console us from the excruciating heat that we're forced to bear. These perks include long summer days lounging around, hours of tanning, overindulging in delish Pina-Coladas, and all those gorgeous sunglasses we’ll get to show off. Our favourite part, though, is the fab sunglasses that we'll be sporting all summer long. Not only are shades finally getting their time in the sun, and earning their well-deserved right as an accessory able to spruce up any outfit, but they’re a legit cover for when we’ve partied too hard the night before. And Jazzy sunglasses is a stellar local brand arming us with a new collection of affordable and chic eyewear for our summer escapades.Having founded Jazzy in 2016, designer Yasmine Seoud wanted to give sunglasses aficionados a line that was understated and trendy. 

“It’s not over the top and I don’t want my items to be too loud. The brand is very accessible and affordable because to me, glasses are like accessories. They've become like earrings or bracelets and so I want people to have the same variety and options as they do with accessories. If they're reasonably priced, you get to buy a few every other month and you don't end up getting bored with constantly having to wear the same pair.”Jazzy's latest collection's got a vintage feel to it, having made the sunglasses polarised and used patterned colours for several of the designs. If you haven't already, it's time to say yes to those sassy boho-chic cat eye shades. 

“It’s not really something specific that inspired me. I guess it was very subconscious. This collection is a bit retro, it has a 70s feel to it. Some of the sunglasses are oversized, others are tinted lenses with patterns. I’ve always kind of liked that era, it has this very relaxed vibe about it.That’s why we did the photoshoot with an old vintage car," says Seoud of the inspiration behind the collection. An avid sunglasses fan herself, Seoud started the brand aiming to bring affordable eyewear that still maintains top-notch quality. As the trend of local brands took over globally, in contrast to the usual mass-produced mainstream brands trend, Seoud saw an opportune moment and went for it. 

"I feel like a local brand has this homegrown feel to it and it’s usually more affordable, and not necessarily of lower quality. When I'd travel or shop online, I’d always come across brands from all over the world that were local. And at that point, local brands had become a worldwide trend. The one that really struck me when shopping online was an Australian brand called K. It’s very stylish, affordable and of decent quality.  So I thought to myself; why not start my own local brand? I did some research and went for it. My first collection came out in July 2016," concludes Seoud

Jazz up your summer by checking out the collection on Instagram.