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Kojak's Spring Collection is Your Fairy-Tale Waiting to Happen

Elegant, delicate, magical and whimsical; the Egyptian designer's collection is serving up Tinkerbell realness.

Rarely out of the headlines since making the first of several splashes on the local and regional fashion scene, Muhanad Kojak is at it again with his latest collection. Never one to shy away from the theatrical, the young designer has found inspiration from an unlikely source - fairies - but in typical Kojak avant gardism, the Fairy Daze line comes with a lick of fierceness.

“For me, fairies are the perfect embodiment of Spring, when days become longer and nights get warmer," says Kojak of the new collection. "There's something magical about this time of year; things seem to calm down and take on a different route."

Acting as a transitional collection between the love-and-harmony-heavy Haute Heaven from last year and the more politically-motivated SS18 collection, Fairy Daze merges a delicacy and elegance with plenty of magic and whimsy to find a balance between the two. Check out more pictures below!

Why y'all gagging so? You know he brings it to you every collection. Find out more on Instagram and Facebook.