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Egyptian Clothing Brand Maksters Infuses Royalty and Comfort into a Pair of Swimming Trunks

You can now shamelessly expose your schmexy man-legs for the entire world to see.

Maksters, a London-based brand founded by Egyptian designer Khaled Makki, recently launched their first ever swimwear collection with six iconic designs. What originally started off as a footwear company recently expanded to include a range of casual clothing, like sweatpants, sports tees, and swimming trunks.

"You have to think about how to differentiate yourself from everything else out there on the market. We knew our prints were going to be different and unique because our shoes have been quite popular with people. So we knew we have that edge to be slightly different than what's out there. But we also wanted to make it a little extra unique." 

TED'S in Jamaica swimming trunks

The Spring/Summer collection is different from any other swimwear brands we’ve personally seen; Maksters' designs are eloquent and elaborate, taking it all the way from embroidering the icons, to the gold metal zippers (which are lifesavers for when you go swimming with your keys). The global market hasn’t seen anything like it before, and it genuinely gives it all an effortlessly luxurious touch.

“Some of the designs we used on the swim trunks were ones we’d used previously for the shoes. So for example. the Mykonos - which is our most iconic pair - is the design that first put us on the map, in terms of the shoes,” said Makki. “We took the design, refreshed it and recreated it onto the swimsuits and it’s been really popular. It’s very colourful and funky. The inspiration for them was my homeland. The colours of the blue skies and the sea of where I grew up, back home in Ghaza. Everything I design it’s a memory of something”

Aiming to constantly create designs that are unique yet also still retain an element of class, Maksters offers a line of delightfully unconventional swimming trunks. So, if you’re looking to make waves this summer (pun intended), look no further.

Dreams Come True swimming trunks

“The swim shorts came out this year, around end of May. This is our first season launching the clothing in general and the beachwear collection and it consists of a few different designs which are really funky and high end. In terms of the aesthetics, we pay a lot of attention to detail,” explained Makki. “You have the gold metal zips which gives you added security so nothing falls out of your pocket but also gives a luxurious touch.”

The collection of beachwear—serving as a five-year celebration of Maksters’ anniversary—includes a range of six swimming trunks in different colors and designs. They are all adorned with iconic patterns reflected off of previous shoe designs, thus creating a unique branding element and enhancing consumer memory.

“The dream catcher is very personal to me because the design incorporates so many different factors. It has two faces (double check) which depict me and my brother in a way where we're exchanging ideas; it's sort of what we do in reality.” explains Makki of the personal elements behind his creations. ““And the design incorporates elements that are personal to me. I have a vivid memory of hanging a dream catcher in my boarding school dorm room when I was younger and so that’s what it was inspired from as well.”

Skull Tee

When asked about his favourite piece in the collection, Makki chose his collaboration swim-shorts with Toy Room.

“ If it has to be one, it would be Ted in Jamaica - our collaboration piece with Toy room - which is a limited edition. We added their teddy bear mascot to the design; and he’s sort of endearing. We funked him up and had him drink a Pina colada from a coconut. And it’s burgundy, one of my favourite colour this season.

“Be Bold” and “Be Daring” are the most common slogans screamed out in Makster’s Instagram page, and it very much reflects their business strategy too, as they delve into a new range of gleeful garments. “We want to give something else to our customers [besides shoes],” Maksters said.

Look familiar? The same teddy bear icon is used in the TED in Jamaica swimsuit

This isn’t the end of the Maksters evolution either; reportedly, they are planning to experiment with more ranges in the future. For now, however, they're focusing on producing sports and casual wear. Expect to see many of their icons re-imagined in their future designs, as we saw the same happening with their shoe designs being masterfully rendered and magically translated into swimming trunks.

The global brand has stocks available in Los Angeles, Dubai, and New York, and is also available for purchase online. You can also find some of their merchandise available at Hype Designer Store in Zamalek.

Or you can check Maksters out on Facebook or Instagram, or visit