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Egyptian Concept Design Store Creates Hand-Painted Bags Inspired by Famous Art

Putting some art in your wardrobe.

famous art bag design store

Fashion is an ever-evolving art form, manifesting through different cultures and perspectives throughout history. A century ago, your fashion probably determined how much money you had, now fashion acts as a microphone to augment people's real interests, passion, and what they wish to express their individuality. One Egyptian artist decided to be a part of this fashion evolution with a paint brush in one hand, and a leather bag in the other.

A couple of months back, Nadine Nour El Din launched Musée, a concept design store that sells leather bags designed with acrylic paintings of famous artists around the world. Nour El Din creates personalised and custom-made pieces for each one of her customers, crafting up her designs through her clients' unbound imagination. With Nour El Din's passion for art and her background in visual arts, she was able to recreate the images of her favourite paintings on exquisite items of clothing. "The idea is to create wearable art," Nour El Din told Cairoscene. "All the products I create are inspired by original works of art. Behind every Musée bag, there is a personality."

Nour El Din ensures the individuality of each design by hand-painting the bags herself, using acrylic-based leather paints; the artistic process giving the bags a personalised touch.

Nour El Din is inspired by art and culture, and makes that interest very present in her bags. "I intend to create more Musée collections that reflect that interest more directly," she said.

Check out more of musée's dreamy bags on their Facebook and Instagram.