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This New Boho-Themed Spring Fashion Collection for Kids is the Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today

Tea Party's new line is all about the hippie

fashion tea party

Is it us, or are kids just generally better dressed these days? We don't know about you, but our family photo albums are full of uncomfortable pictures of us wearing bulky sweaters, outrageously coloured trousers and t-shirts with nonsensical slogans written on them. These days, even in Egypt, there are a number of brands and labels that take the business of children's fashion very, very seriously - not least the homegrown Tea Party, which has just released its boho-inspired spring collection.


“Winter is classy, but summer means boho for me because it’s when you’re at the beach and you want something colorful and light to wear,” founder, Heba El Gabaly, told CairoScene.

While El Gabaly has tried to introduce a little elegance into previous collections for kids, this one embraces the free-spirited, carefree nature of kids. “I feel like I needed to a light twist in my collections and do something different than what I used to do,” she added.

Though there's still a sense of elegance about the colours uses - no bright pinks or oranges here - the collection as a whole still very much embraces that hippie, bohemian aestheric - so much so, in fact, that it doesn't even have a name, feeding into El Gebaly's idea of freedom and individualism. The individual pieces, however are each named - this, for instance, is the Lacey Girl.

Check out more form the collection on Tea Party Apparel's Instagram.