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Egyptian Brand Nob Designs isn’t Pulling Any Punches with its New In-Your-Face Collection

"GO TO HELL," said the blazer.

Nob Designs, Egypt

What happens when edgy design meets the always colurful Arabic language? You get a badass wardrobe to keep you looking hot all winter -that’s what. Local Egyptian designer and founder of Nob Designs, Ahmed Nabil, is doing what he does best with his latest collection and giving us a look that's edgy and out-of-the-box.

Sticking to the essence of his brand, which sees him finding the inspiration for his collections in his personal life, Nabil is projecting his emotions with bursts of colour and powerful Arabic sayings for this collection. Emblazoned with phrases like, 'taban lak' (fuck you) and 'ezhab ela el ja7eem' (go to hell), Nob's latest pieces will have you almost quite literally wearing your heart on your sleeve.
For his latest collection, Nabil opted to keep the name simple and make a statement about the over-complication of things. 

"I didn't want want to complicated. Why not just describe something with it's name? Why beat around the bush?" asks Nabil. "Usually the names of my collections as well as the collections themselves, are inspired by whatever I'm going through at that point. Right now, things are messy in my life and not giving the collection a name making it less complicated. I want everything to be direct."

The pieces themselves for Nob’s Winter Collection 2018/19 remain aligned with the brand's usual edgy vibe while retaining an element of simplicity. Nabil even included his own handprint on some of the pieces as he perceives hand gestures to be expressive and the most efficient way in communicating without words. 

"People communicate with their hands so having my hands on the pieces kind of means that I'm telling whoever is wearing them to keep going and to keep persevering," explains Nabil. "I used to do these hand paintings when I was younger in school and so right now my life being a little messy, it takes me back to that time in my life when I used to put my paint hand print on the wall or on my shirt. It was a mess!"

Each piece in the collection tells a different story, with some being emblazoned with Arabic calligraphy using classical Arabic sentence. The collection is made up of blazers, blazer dresses and tops so there’s something for every occasion.Check out some of the pieces from the collection.