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ODD: The Egyptian Fashion Brand Bringing Shine and Sparkle to Casual Wear

Unique, versatile and with plenty of shine and sparkle.

ODD fashion brand in Egypt

The words 'shiny' and 'sparkly' often raise alarm bells in the world of fashion. But proving you can use bold materials to create versatile, un-gaudy clothes, Egyptian fashion label, ODD manages to make pieces that stand out, but also don't look like they belong on a Christmas tree.

21 year-old Egyptian designer, Mia Iskander, launched ODD as a side-gig, alongside her college education and she focuses on creating shiny or sparkly tops that have an extra gleam to them, even if they’re simple.

"I don't usually go out looking for a specific material,” Iskander, told CairoScene. “I browse shops, and sometimes the materials talk to me and I know exactly what I'm going to do with it as soon as I see it. This is what inspires me - the suddenness."

Iskander’s motivations are also fuelled by what she sees lacking in the local fashion scene – unique pieces that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

"I discovered that there's a tremendous gap in the market in terms," Iskander said. "If you do find something that you'd like to try experiment with, it's usually never affordable anymore

There’s an almost methodical air around how Iskander conceived ODD – one that shows her to be very much in tune with local fashion trends.

"Some people don't want to be extra, and I get that," she says, while also pointing out that you only need to look to red carpet extravaganzas like this year’s El Gouna Film Festival to see that being extra is in. "It was all sparkly blazers and shiny dresses – everyone wanted to stand out!

Designing each piece herself, Iskander only creates thirty pieces per design, which should ensure that you never bump into anyone with the same top, while maintaining that warm fuzzy feeling that you can only get from knowing that you own something quite exclusive.

For her next collection, however, she promises a bolder and more varied collection. Look out for it at the end of the year.

Stay tuned by checking out ODD Official's official Facebook and Instagram.