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Zaam Designs Hits CFF Runway With New Collection Inspired by OPPO F9

For the upcoming CFF runway show, Zaam Designs is seeking inspiration in OPPO's sleek and gradient designs.

OPPO's latest creations have us drooling with their use of gradient colours in the shades of red, blue, and purple. It's something like a cross between the celestial sky at night and a melting fusion of colours – bouncing off the reflections of the smooth and shiny phone cover.

Now imagine all of that, but on bags. Together, OPPO and bag designer Ahmed Azzam – the man behind Zaam, the chic and local handbag brand - are going to create a collection of bags designed with OPPO's gradient colours for the upcoming Cairo Fashion Festival (CFF) 10 runway show.Zaam and OPPO got together to collaborate on a new handbag collection for CFF 10th edition runway show. Zaam's bag designs were inspired by OPPO's  F9's gradient colours – Starry Purple, Sunrise Red, and Twilight Blue. The names alone speak for themselves, as they reflect the shape and design of the phone and are true to their promise.

"The inspiration of the colours comes from nature," OPPO told us in an interview. For the F9 series, OPPO decided to stick with something that resonates with the younger audiences. When people buy things, they try to go for vibrant and deep designs – something that portrays their personality and attitude.

OPPO wanted to infuse these feelings into the designs of the phones to provide their customers with the vitality rooted in nature. These bad boys also come with VOOC Flash Charge technology. That means you only have to plug your phone in for five minutes to have it charged for up to two hours of usage. 

OPPO is supporting Ahmed Azzam's creative might by opening new doors for the designer in the fashion industry with his opulent bag designs. "It will be Ahmed Azzam's first time to have a garments collection on a runway in OPPOxZaam collection show in CFF10," OPPO told Cairo Scene.

The benefits go both ways, as OPPO, too, will be transitioning its place from tech industry into Egypt's fashion scene, enroute to become a trendsetter in both worlds. 

For more info about OPPO and the F9, head over to their Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to check out more of Zaam's vintage designs on their Facebook and Instagram.

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