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Weaving Grace: The First One Stop Boutique for Every Egyptian Bride

The first bridal boutique of it's kind and it's here to make every Egyptian bride's wedding planning less hectic.

Waving Grace Bridal Boutique

Wedding season is our favourite time of the year, what with the excuse to party and of course having our faith in love in love restored. One of the things we don’t look forward to, however, is the stress of planning if you're the bride or one of the bridesmaids. Having to figure out where to get that tiara we want so bad from to then have to rush to an dress appointment on the other side of the city is just hectic. Weaving Grace, which launched on Tuesday 30th, is the first one stop shop in Egypt and it's solving every bride's pre-wedding stress or at least making it more manageable. 

The bridal boutique, located in Zamalek, is every Egyptian bride's dream, making her life easier and allowing her to actually enjoy the weeks leading to the big day without having to kick into bridezilla mode. Weaving Grace offers each and every service that the bride might need. They've got us covered with everything from make-up artists to hairstylists, to DJs, to catering, decorations and light and sound systems. And they haven't forgotten about the actual most important man of the night, the photographer.

"The idea is it’s something that’s not available in Egypt and we want to provide brides with an experience that’s worth it," Managing partner, Sama El Faramawy, tells CairoScene. "In Egypt, it’s just you buy the dress and it's done. I want to share the experience with the bride, where she doesn’t have to travel abroad. Instead of the bride having to run around everywhere, we've got everything in one place. So basically, all the bride has to do is decide on the husband."

Weaving Grace offers event planning services and even helps out with booking the venue. That's not the best part though. The bridal boutique is kind of like a girls getaway where we get to try on gorgeous dresses from a range of hand-picked haute couture designers including Alessandra Rinaudo, Yolan Cris, Kojak, Christine Massarany, Caroline Yassa and more. It's not only wedding dresses as they've also got a few evening dresses for the bride's entourage.  Divided into two sections, 'Everything Bridal' and 'All The Glam, Weaving Grace offers customised bridal and evening footwear by Misura. And because what’s a queen without her crown, Weaving Grace brings its brides gorgeous head pieces by halo. 

Every bride knows that the wedding doesn't just end at the party and Weaving Grace's got you covered with sexy bridal lingerie by Nada Adel Apparel. 

Going for a ladies only kind of zone, Weaving Grace plans to also cater to mother of the bride as well as the sister of the bride soon. Faramawy adds that Weaving Grace is for "the bride who loves to dance, who aims to shine and she who charms with a smile."

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