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15 Games Egyptians Are Most Excited For From E3 2016

There's more to gaming in Egypt than just FIFA. Check out all the announcements that have Egyptians geeking out, including the new FIFA.

Xbox One S/Project Scorpio
Touted as ‘the most powerful console ever', the nebulous next step in the evolution of the Xbox, codenamed Project Scorpio, has Egyptian gamers buzzing with excitement for a Microsoft game system for once. Though PlayStation will always reign supreme in the hearts and minds of La3iba (gamers) here in Egypt, how can you not help but get excited with all, um...whoever these people are, talking about teraflops and 4K? We'll all find out whether or not the Scorpio has what it takes to raise the bar for Microsoft in Egypt. 
Everybody lost their freakin' minds when the trailer for the 17th iteration of the beloved FIFA game franchise debuted on the show floor. Not surprising, since the games have a long standing place in the hearts of Egyptian gamers. Of course, there are the expected feet and ball interactions fans have come to expect from the most popular game franchise in Egypt, but now with the addition of a story mode, gamers will be able to project a whole 'nother level of drama onto the game. 
God of War
Rumours abounded a few months back about the return of everyone's favourite Spartan Kratos in a new adventure to murder a brand new pantheon of gods and goddesses. We were hoping to see Kratos face off against Anubis and laying fire upon Apep, but he actually ended up quite a bit further north after his apparent death in God of War III. Set in pre-Viking Norway, the setting isn't the only big change to the series. This time, developers are taking a much more personal approach with an over-the-shoulder camera angle as well as the incorporation of Kratos' son in the story and gameplay. It looks like we'll be getting a much more nuanced look at the mad Greek's emotional landscape as opposed to the blind kill-rage he exhibited in the seven previous games.  
Resident Evil 7
The last few entries of this long-running scary-game franchise were definitely focused more on action rather than horror. The latest entry looks to remedy that in a big way. The first trailer shows a much creepier vibe, with hardly a fast zombie or gunfight in sight. Check out the scream-inducing new demo on PlayStation Store now.
Batman: Arkham VR 
Virtual reality is finally here in a big way with several headsets already on the market and an impending hardware release for the PS4. This PS4 VR exclusive Batman game sees players donning the cowl of the world's greatest detective to solve the murder of a beloved friend. Think less first-person fisticuffs in the vein of the other Arkham games but more of an analytical and emotional take on the Dark Knight.
Another PS4 superhero exclusive, but from the other side of the comic-book spectrum. The Spider-Man games of old were some of the best superhero games for the PS1 and PS2. Now Insomniac Games, makers of Rachet & Clank and the Resistance games, is taking the web-slinging, wall-crawling wonder into the next generation of gaming. 
Watch Dogs 2
The inevitable sequel to Ubisoft's latest open-world franchise. Ditching the super serious tone of the original, Watch Dogs 2 seems to be taking on a lighter tone and incorporating some multiplayer elements, so you can hack your way across the city with friends! Ideally, our quasi-anonymous organisation will supply us with selfie sticks for weapons.
Final Fantasy XV
The latest in the legendary Japanese role-playing-game franchise is taking the epicness to an insane new level – with a real-time combat system, a ginormous and beautiful open world, and all the references that fans have come to expect from a series that's been running for almost 30 years, which is older than most of the people playing it. The fact that millions of gamers worldwide are still going nuts for the 15th sequel shows just how consistent the series has been, and XV looks like it's not going to be letting anybody down.  
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Watching this trailer without context, it would be hard to believe this is a Call of Duty game at all. Space fighters and zero gravity sequences make this look more like Halo than anything else. But with all their modern and slightly more advanced options apparently exhausted, it looks like CoD has nowhere to go but to infinity and beyond.  
Mafia III
An open-world game series where each entry showcases successive eras in organised crime. This time, we're headed to the 1970s in America's deep south. Players will be playing as an African-American at a time and in a place where racism was institutional. Those guys in the trailer with the white hoods aren't dressed like that because it's Halloween. Shit's about to get real in Mafia III.
Injustice 2
If this summer's Hollywood offerings are any indication, the only thing people love more than superheroes are watching them beat the ever-living crap out of each other. Injustice 2 gives gamers another chance to pit their favorite DC Comics icons against each other and cranks everything to eleven. The super moves, which were already pretty epic to begin with, have become borderline ridiculous (just borderline, though) and the addition of gear and character customisations means that no two Batmen will be alike.
Battlefield 1
While Call of Duty has blasted off into the far future, Battlefield has taken a few steps back. Set during the war to end all wars, players will be taking on their online friends and enemies using weapons and vehicles that are almost 100 years old, including biplanes, tanks, old school flame throwers, and even massive zeppelins. Hopefully, there will be some cool Middle East maps since, you know, a huge part of the first world war was fought around here
Detroit: Become Human
This spiritual successor to Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy means we're in for some difficult decisions and crazy plot twists as we make our way through a futuristic Blade Runner-esqueDetroit. The brief look we got during E3 was enough to get us all worked up already. We can barely make decisions in real life.
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
We know Nintendo has never been all that big here in Egypt, like at all, but seriously this new Zelda game looks amazing. Combining an open world, crafting and loot systems, a la Skyrim or The Witcher, with trademark Zelda epicness, Breath of the Wild may be the one game that finally gets Egyptian gamers to pay attention to the big N.
The Last Guardian
A game many of us thought we'd never seen again, The Last Guardian was thought to be all but extinct when it suddenly appeared during Sony's E3 event. A spiritual follow-up to fan favourites Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian is still pretty mysterious but since people at the show actually played it, we can only hope the game is finally going to come out this October.