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Egypt's First 4DX Movie Hits Theatres This January

122 is an Egyptian horror movie that's about to debut the use 4DX technology in Egypt.

3d 4d cinemas egypt

Yasir Al-Yasiri, movie director from Iraq, just announced the release of his latest film 122 using 4DX technology, to be screened at Egyptian cinemas starting January 3rd.

The horror film will encompass four of your five senses (you're not tasting anything though), as the cinema will be equipped with the 4DX technology, allowing the motion picture to implement some effects like seat motion, breeze or wind, water droplets for rain, foggy visuals, lights, and scents.

122 is an Egyptian horror movie directed by Al-Yasiri, and featuring Egyptian actors Amina Khalil, Tarek Lotfy, Ahmed El-Fishawy, Mamdooh Mohammed, Gihan Khalil, and Mohammed Dawood. It was originally released on July 2018, but will be rendered to adapt to 4DX technology.

The movie is about a couple who are stuck in a horror-infused hospital, and it's not just because the doctors there are incompetent, as the unfolding of events reveal.

Main image from Egypt International Exhibitions Center.