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6 Epic Speakers Available in Egypt That Will Blow Your Mind

Tradeline now has all the Beoplay products to make us face the music.

Just to let you guys know, we have the most awesomest jobs ever; mainly because we get to listen to music – sometimes, it's lovely, and other times, it leads to a bloodbath when an editor wants to listen to MGMT, and a writer needs some Sepultura in their life. Thankfully, the fine people at Tradeline have hooked us up with their new, unbelievably alluring speakers and headphones by Beoplay, in the hopes of keeping us from killing each other.

Our Account Manager, Yasmeen Chaudhry, is all about the Beoplay A1 ultraportable speaker. The cute device has a battery built to last for almost 24 hours, plus it's resistant to water splashing and dust (basically unavoidable), virtually guaranteeing that Yasmeen will be the one to tire out first.

This adorable creature is our dedicated Scene videographer, Mina Saber, and he likes to share. So, clearly he was destined for the Beolit 15. Featuring an omnidirectional sound setup – in normal-people language, this means that everyone in the room gets the same great audio experience no matter where they're sitting.

Production Manager Hassan Abdeltawab loves to party to the point that when he gets his Beoplay A6 all setup at his place, we know he won't mind when the entire office shows up unannounced for a karaoke-dance party. And since the A6 is a centrepiece, it'll spruce up his place a bit.

Senior Feature Writer, Valentina Primo, is our resident bohemian princess that spends most of her workday exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of Egypt, and bringing memories and treasures back to decorate her life. As such, she had her eyes set on the Beoplay A9 well before she heard of what this work of art can do, like the fact that it can hang on a wall.

Our lowly intern, uh, we actually don't know her name, was so stoked to get her ears on the Beoplay Form 2i's, that she actually started volunteering to go on coffee runs, and grab us some snacks, just so she can listen to some tunes and get out of her Snapchat duties.

The main man himself, Timmy Mowafi is a bit of a spaz when the beats kick in. So, we set him up with the wireless Beoplay H8 headphones and hoped that he won't get all tangled up and hurt himself – again.

Photos by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions
Photography by Mohamed Hosni

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