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8 Pokémon Discovered at Egypt's Heritage Sites

Just like Pokémon Snap, PokéMaster Skot Thayer traveled to the Egyptian Museum, Citadel of Salah ad-Din, and The Great Pyramids of Giza to photograph the Pokémon of Egypt.

Our search stretched into the second hour as the sun continued to relentlessly desiccate our bodies, each moment our BO becoming more and more intolerable. As we climbed down the steps of Khufu’s great pyramid, the most famous monument to the ingenuity and perseverance of the human spirit, we had our first moment of success since arriving on the Giza plateau. “Eureka!” I exclaimed to my manservant as a wild Rhyhorn blooped into existence on my phone. Finally, after hours spent scouring the ruins of an ancient wonder of the world, I had found what I had come here for; Pokémon.
Since Pokémon Go launched and changed the world forever, Egyptians have been rabid in their quest to catch ‘em all. As one of the first teams in Egypt to get their hands on the newest, most popular accidental-exercise app, we figured we should seize the initiative and loot Egypt’s historical landmarks of their (digital) valuables just like pasty European colonialists would. The Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, and The Citadel of Salah ad-Din were stripped bare of their Pikachus, Charmanders, and Squirtles. We captured them just moments before their imprisonment for your sadistic enjoyment. (Addendum: I did not actually find any of those rare Pokés in my travels.)
What you can't hear: "Aw, Sandshrew ya habibti!"

Some Pokémon species predate human civilisation. This Doduo was looking for the depictions of himself in ancient Egyptian art to convince his other head of their noble heritage.

Nobody knows exactly how the Pharoahs built their amazing monuments, from aliens to Atlantis. If this statue's Onix defender is any indication I'd have to say rock-type Pokémon had something to do with it.

I'm not sure what this water-type Krabby is doing in the Egyptian Museum but he was just as surprised to see us as we were to see him.

The tourism slump means even Pokémon were scarce at the Pyramids. Rhyhorn here was stuck pulling around a hantoor to make ends meet.

At the Citadel, we took a wrong turn and ran into this Arbok that must have been used by Saladin to keep out pesky Crusaders.

Of all the street animals, this baladi Growlithe hanging out in the Citaldel is by far the cutest.

Manky says,"Mafeesh sowwar hena! Talla3 el bata2a. Tab kol sana wenta tayeb...