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9 Games Egyptian 90s Kids Will Remember

We stumbled upon a Facebook post with 9 PC games that took us back to a time when all we did was play GTA all day - which is kind of what we still do, though. 90s kids will remember...

Remember when you used to rush home from school in 5th Primary to spend hours in front of the PC playing Feeding Frenzy? Or those sneaky times during computer classes when you'd literally throw championships to find out who is the biggest Chicken Invader? We often still do that at the office, but here's a little trip down memory lane that we found while scrolling through Facebook by user @Moomen.Designs...

Neighbours From Hell (2003)

Our adolescent hate towards our neighbours was fully expressed through setting up traps around Mr. Rottweiler's house without Woody getting caught. Intense.

Feeding Frenzy (2004)

Best game to play before dinner! You start off with Andy the Annularis Angelfish who's adamant on eating as many fishies as possible to grow without getting eaten first. 

Chicken Invaders (2002)

This was the only salvation we could find after Mr. Ramez yelled at us for not doing our homework. Bomb all the chicken! The little chicken legs that fell out looked delicious, so another perfect game to play before dinner.

Digging Jim (1999)

Nobody has any idea why everyone was so obsessed with this game. It was so lame, and we'd probably end up breaking everything when Jim got squished, but we ploughed through nevertheless.  

GTA Vice City (2002)

You steal a convertible and then you spend your entire night running away from the police, and by running away we mean using the cheat code 'leavemealone' so that you could safely take that hooka' to the strip club to partaay.

Tarzan (1999)

Jungles aren't one of Egypt's main assets, which is why we reckon this was also a favourite. *Beats chest*

Captain Claw (1997)

Captain Claw was an imprisoned cat pirate who fought to escape imprisonment by dog Cocker-Spaniards. The sound effects though.

Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Way before Super Mario became a huge thing with racing cars and special graphics, there was Super Mario Bros. We're the originals.

Axysnake (2001)

Not to be confused with the mobile version! Axysnake devoured apples and oranges instead of the common rodents. Cute childhood, no?