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Egyptian Apps TETHER and TVTAG Disrupt Mobile Media with Never-Before-Seen Realtime Features

One of the region's most innovative platforms just radically transformed our mobile entertainment experience, from music to TV shows.

The overflow of digital content & media has made keeping track of our favourite music, films, or TV shows, a tiresome and mind-boggling task, to say the least. We need organized access and control over what we decide to be our favourite content. Mobile media is fragmented with features dispersed amongst multiple apps and missing integration. It is also underserved and lacks deep personalization of the user experience, the context of it all. Setting of to resolve these core issues and to facilitate a more enhanced and contextual experience, a group of tech geeks, led by Egyptian entrepreneur and founder of itagit technologies, Adham Maghraby, crafted two wicked apps for people to get a tighter grip on the content they encounter.  From music to TV shows our mobile media experience will never be the same again.

Disrupting the music scene, their TETHER app is what you might call your Eargasm Intelligence Agency, its Music Discovery Central. On average we use between 2 & 5 different music apps on our phones to get our complete music discovery experience, TETHER brings all these tools together with a splash of innovation. TETHER’s search function integrates with YouTube and other music databases from around the world giving you instant streaming access to any song you can think of. The app is packed with music discovery features, when your ear catches a sick tune, you can instantly identify the track, there are multiple music charts, curated playlists, unlimited streaming and of course the key innovation, realtime radio playlists; TETHER detects songs playing on live radio stations in realtime, you can browse these playlists, create your own, stream and share as you like. You have complete access and complete control.

TVTAG, on the other hand, basically gives its users that same tight grip on the content airing on live TV. I am sure you know someone who has either taken a picture or video of something airing on TV, or you were watching your favourite movie or soccer game and wanted to capture a scene or highlight as it happened in realtime. In the old days we used VCRs. Today, TVTAG does just that. With a simple timely tap on your mobile screen, you get to tag and capture 1 minute high quality videos directly off live TV in realtime as you view them, without using your camera. The apps then allows you to edit these scenes to make them your own to share with your friends. With new sharing features being introduced to the app soon, TVTAG can be described as a social network for TV content.

From the very outset, itagit has been a much-lauded, space-bound ascendant in the media tech scene. When Egypt was going through the hubbub of post-revolutionary unrest, MediaWave Egypt was incubated by serial entrepreneur Mr. Moustapha Sarhank, it was getting in gear after several years in stealth mode, so that by the time the dust settled, the company had catapulted its new MediaWave Digital Platform and secured 3 technology patents in the US and Europe.

"We’ve faced some considerable obstacles and challenges over the years, but it was the dedication, hard work and relentless pursuit of the vision along with our rock-steady faith that has resulted in bringing these innovative technologies from idea to reality. We are very excited to showcase the depth of these applications to the world and solidify Egypt as a technology innovator," says Sarhank, who is now Chairman of itagit technologies, the parent company of MediaWave Egypt.

The holy grail of the platform is its realtime tagging engine. Tagging live events is next on their list. Itagit technologies aims to innovate, transform, and enhance specific user experiences in the media interactivity and the content consumption category worldwide, helping users across the globe manage their entertainment options, on both Android and iOS.

TETHER – which just closed a huge music licensing deal with Gracenote - for example, allows users to recognise songs being played from basically any music source, and instantly access more than 30 million tracks on Gracenote's database. Users can also download tracks from their preferred digital music store, as well as identify real-time radio playlists. This means we can turn any existing radio station into an instant music service. Right now the app offers real-time playlist browsing for popular radio stations in Egypt, U.K., Dubai, and is constantly upping its game.

TETHER is aiming to consolidate the fragmented music discovery market, to make available the biggest amount of content, on one single platform. In simple terms, they aim to be the only app in the music-space to bring together as many key music discovery features as possible in an easy and interactive style.

TVTAG, on the other hand, is integrated with select live TV stations, carrying out real-time content processing and recognition. "Consumers seek choice, they want the freedom that mobility promises, they want innovative mobile apps that are intuitive and merge seamlessly with their existing behaviours," says Mr. Adham Maghraby, founder and CEO of itagit technologies.

The TVTAG app enables real-time TV tagging, which means users can capture their favourite TV broadcast moments in realtime. The MediaWave Platform - where the app operates - identify what content was tagged, from which particular media source, by whom, and then delivers it to the user, instantly. In essence, this transforms the media source from a ‘passive point of broadcast’, to an ‘interactive real-time digital store’ sensitive to user tagging.

"They are doing some exciting things to help users enjoy digital content. It is a pleasure to be a board member and witness the exciting things this technology brings to the market," says Mrs. Shahira Zeid, board member at itagit technologies, and Vice Chairman at Maridive Group.

Tagging live events is next on their list. The endless possibilities of the apps have revolutionised our definition of content browsing and it seems like they have only just begun. 

You can download both apps free of charge! Tether is on iOS and Google Play, and TVTG on iOS and Google Play


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