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Google’s Project Soli: Gestures from the Future

Google Advanced Technology and Projects team (ATAP) introduces to the world the most accurate gesture control chip.

Technology is getting fancier, more reliable, and more accurate each day. Gesture-based technology especially is developing at the speed of light, starting from the small smartphones and gaming consoles to smart TVs, and things we have only seen in Iron Man.

Recently, Google introduced to the world the most accurate gesture recognition chip/system Project Soli. This chip doesn’t use cameras or normal heat sensors, it uses radar technology. Radar simply detects objects through sending frequency waves, and when these waves are disturbed the chip recognises the patterns with high accuracy, just like bats do…


The size of Soli chip is so small that it can be added to almost everything, including smartwatches, smartphones, DVD players, Apple Sound Boosters, laptops, computers and more. The gestures developed are easy to get used to, and are designed to be familiar with everyone. Like the volume up or down is by sliding your index fingertip against your thumb as if you're turning a knob.

This chip works by measuring distance, velocity, and movement and can be programmed as well. 10 months ago when Google’s ATAP team started working on this project it was the size of a pizza box.