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Huawei Becomes #3 Smartphone Manufacturer

After a stellar 2015, Chinese phone maker Huawei plans on making themselves even bigger as it continues to climb the mobile ranks.

At the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this week, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has announced that, as of the third quarter of 2015, they are the third biggest smartphone company in the world.
Trailing behind Apple (#2) and Samsung (#1), names ubiquitous in the tech world, and hot on the heels of a round of well-received smartphones, Huawei told attendees that brand recognition has drastically increased in the last few years - despite its often difficult to pronounce name.
Working with Google to create the best android phone ever - the Nexus 6p - and releasing several excellent handsets on its own, including the P8 and our buddy the G8, Huawei has shaken up the smartphone hierarchy with its sights set firmly on ousting Apple as the second biggest producer of mobiles in a few years. 
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