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You Can Win An iPhone Every Hour At The First Apple Premium Reseller Store In Cairo

Best Buy has created a dreamland for all the die-hard Apple fans at Cairo Festival City – Switch, the first Apple Premium Reseller store in Cairo, where customers have a chance to win an iPhone every hour on Thursday.

The cult of Apple is a mind-boggling phenomenon. The company’s combination of intuitive software and astonishing physical design has consistently made their devices ‘must haves’ for millions of gadgeteers the world over. The Apple symbol means quality and status and, in Egypt, there has only ever been one place that meets that same standard. For the last 10 years, Best Buy has been the place to get all the shiny new Apple gizmos and gizmo accessories, as well as the support to get the most out of your new magical devices. 
Already the first Apple reseller that opened up in Egypt, Best Buy has accomplished another first with the renovation of its Cairo Festival City store to become Switch, the first Apple Premium Reseller store in Cairo, and the largest in Egypt. Upgrading the selection and expert backup that Best Buy provided might seem impossible, but Switch will offer superior support from their brainiac staff for every Apple gadget under the sun. 
While it is totally awesome that Egypt will finally have an outlet for Apple fans to get together and geek out, the best part is the shocking deals that Switch is offering as part of its big shindig. We all know how hard it is to find a deal on Apple stuff, so its a huge deal that Switch is going to be offering 10 percent off brand-spanking-new Macs, iPhones, and iPads when it opens on Thursday the 21st. Plus, they’re taking 10 percent off everything Beats, so you can finally show up all your friends’ knock-offs with the genuine article and still save some serious geneih. Another 20 percent off JBL speakers and a 50 percent discount on Jawbone fitness products means you better clear out some space in your car to make room for all the swanky swag you’ll be bringing home. 
Because you didn’t have enough reasons to start camping out in front of Cairo Festival City already – you know, the way they do on Black Friday in America – Switch will be giving its first batch of customers the opportunity to win an iPhone every hour from 6PM to midnight! All you've gotta do is show up to Switch between 6PM and 12 and take a selfie with the mugshot board Switch provides, post it on Instagram with #SwitchItUp and tag then, a random drawing every hour will bestow posters with a spectacular new idevice. So not only are you getting the fanciest new fruit-themed devices and the expert knowledge of battle-hardened veterans – who have more experience than any other crew in Egypt – at the city’s first Apple Premium Reseller store, you’ve also got ridiculous discounts on the stuff you need and a serious shot at winning a free iPhone.
We may or may not consider making the conversion to the Apple world. 
Check out Switch on Facebook, Instagram, and follow them on Twitter @bestbuy_egypt