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10 Best Eyebrows in Egypt

As the beauty and fashion worlds champion bolder brows, Egyptian women are throwing away their tweezers and embracing the bushiness...

Not since the days of Brooke Shields in the 80s have big eyebrows been such a hot topic but in the past year or so, girls across the world have stopped obsessing over perfectly arched, ultra-plucked brows and instead are rushing to fill them out and let them grow, a la Cara Delevingne, who one might argue is responsible for this sudden surge. And of course, because Egypt loves to follow trends religiously, girls across the nation – a nation where fervently overplucking your eyebrows was A Thing – are now letting them grow out and be all bold and fabulous. And we are down with that. Here are some of our favourite brows in the city!

Maria Sanchez


#Roadtrip #DayTripper #summertime

A photo posted by Maria (@instademaria) on

Tell us the Spanish secret to super-bold brows Maria. And bel marra, tell us the secret to Spanish sangria too. 


Soraya Shawky 


Had to take a goofy pic trying to look like the painting behind me 😜 #mua #fun

A photo posted by Soraya (@bysorayashawky) on


Manar Hosem

Sigh. Such all-around eye-area perfection. Maybe she's born with it, maybe...she's probably born with it. 


Nourhanne Eisa


The best makeup you can put on is a smile 🍁

A photo posted by Nourhanne Eissa (@nourhanneeisa) on

Brooke Shields is giving you an inner high five. 

Noha Aboulfadl


A photo posted by Noha Aboulfadl (@naboulfadl) on

I woke up like this.


Berna Ibrahim

Berna, come be our friend and make our eyebrows look like yours.


Heba Serageldin


Exactly how I like spending my afternoons with #princeo #omarabaza and make up free 😍😎

A photo posted by Heba Serag Eldin (@hebaserag) on

 Cara Delevingne who?


Lara Scandar


Just a while longer @tentvnetwork

A photo posted by Lara Scandar (@laracscandar) on

 You so purty Lara; brows, bold brows, no brows at all...  


Dolly Yanny


Its NIALAYA's day everyone 🍸💎 #NIALAYA#jewelry @nialayajewelry

A video posted by Dolly Yanny (@dollyyanny) on

The brow brincessa of Sahel.  


Sondos Ayoub

They can take our lives, but they will never take OUR EYEBROWWWWWS. That was the original Braveheart line actually. Little known fact.