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Expats & Cats Fast Too

10 Reasons You're Going to Hell

We've collected the 10 top Ramadan excuses we've heard around Cairo this holy month...

1. I fast except cigarettes and water.

2. Peace ya3ny, it's only 10 minutes after fajr.

3. Wake me up at iftar.

4. I'm still on my period.

5. Listen, it’s Ramadan, I don’t think we should have sex. Bas kissing and everything else, peace ya3ni.

6. You refer to Ramadan as Ram-bedan

7. I'm on holiday. Ramadan doesn't count here.

8. Walahi I fasted the whole day!

9. But I just got my formet el Sahel down! 

10. Tab3an ana sayem, bas ba3d el fitar han-smoke neek!