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10 Unforgettable Moments Barbican Brought to Egypt this Summer

Making waves in the North Coast, from Martin's Beach Lounge to Marina, the beverage brand fuelled a flurry of activities and turned our summer upside down. Here are 10 photos that capture moments we won't soon forget.

Admit it. You probably would have spent half your summer scrolling through all those Mykonos pictures with vicious envy if it weren’t for the otherworldly cool shenanigans that populated Sahel this season. Now that you know that Greece has nothing on us - as Egyptian beaches have upped the game to the extent that we’re still half-asleep as we write this - you should also know the masterminds behind it: Barbican World.   

With sizzling ideas and ridiculously cool beach games, the malt beverage made an appearance on the Mediterranean coast this summer, leaving a mark likely to stay till their next invention comes about. Rocking Sahel's shores with a flurry of psychedelic activities and a whole lot of their fruity, iced malt beverages, Barbican World set up gigantic slides leading directly to the sea across different beaches in Marina, paired with yet the only sport that could possibly get us off our beanbag: giant volleyball.

Splashing us with water, sand, and –true story- some malt beverage itself, Barbican gifted us goodies and plentiful tastes of their sweet elixir as we maniacally attempted to look like we’re not the couch potatoes we are. Here, our the 10 best moments (because we needed to bring back proof, tab3an).

1. That time the Barbican ushers arrived and not even Kylie Jenner could take our eyes off the pool. 

2. That time we called the ushers beach boys…and they were totally proud.


3. That time we miserably failed at beach volleyball...

4. ...and decided to try giant volleyball instead.


5. That time we popped the first huge volleyball and found an even better replacement.


6. That time we finally won. Okay, okay, that time we finally celebrated we got the 67th place.


7. And we kept celebrating on, and on, and on. 'Cause admit it: you don't get to be 67th every day. 


8. That time our picnic looked more chic than a Taylor Swift video clip. Even without the blanket. And the guitar.  


9. That time we let the kids be kids...for 5 minutes until we took over the Barbican slides. 


10. That time shisha and Barbican won us. 


Find out more about Barbican World on their Instagram page @BarbicanWorld.

Photography exclusively by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions. 

Photographers: Piko, Jan Selim, Andrew Sheko, Shortcake.