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11 Amazing Hotel Suites in Cairo

Now we may not be able to actually afford any of these suites per se, but hey, a person can dream right?

In the spirit of winter, aka this miserable cold we’re all enduring with a sourpuss spirit, we’ve taking to fervently fantasising about curling up on a giant comfy bed and watching reality TV shows while we pig out on room service. Or y’know curling up with your significant someone and doing other stuff… Pick your poison; whatever you want to do, it’s always best done in a swanky hotel suite. Here are some of the best suites in Cairo where you can live out all your indoor fantasies in lavish extravagance…

1. The King Suite at The Gabriel

A little modern, a little art deco, comfort meets sass at this boutique hotel’s King Suite. You will probably, as per its name, feel like a king. Duh.

2. Four Seasons Hotel Cairo @ Nile Plaza

Umm yeah, it’s the Four Seasons. You could be staying in broom cupboard number twelve and you’d still feel like royalty.

3. The Imperial Suite at the Sofitel El Gezirah

Forget curling up in bed – you could throw a party in this suite it’s so big. Just don’t trash the hotel room. You’re not a rock star.

4. Riverside

Four poster bed. That is all. Live out every princess fantasy you ever had.

5. The Montgomery Suite at the Mena House Hotel

Hel-lo Arabian decadence. suck it Princess Jasmine. Fun fact: the door is inlaid with mother of pearl. Yeah. Casually.

6. The Royal Suite at the Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino

Considering this hotel used to be a palace and housed actual royals, obvis you need to get the royal suite. It is literally bigger than your apartment. You can host a whole banquet. You will also have the most epic bubble bath in all of bubble bath history.

7. Presidential Suite at Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers

It feels more like an Upper East Side apartment from Gossip Girl than a hotel room. Or maybe a suite that Chuck Bass would live in. Can we just live here?

8. Presidential Suite at the JW Marriott

The sheer curtains on their four poster bed evoke fantasies in our minds of someone feeding us grapes and giving us foot rubs. Can we arrange for that to happen, JW? Thanks.

9. Fairmont Nile City

Forget the actual room – that bathroom! Oh gawddamn you sexy thing.

10. The Semiramis Suite at the InterContinental Cairo Semiramis

Just straight up luxurious comfort. We may just never get out of that bed.

11. Executive Suite at the Ramses Hilton

That view, tho.