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11 Hilarious Reactions by Arab Football Commentators

They're just as important as the match itself...

When it comes to football commentary, Arabs definitely lead the pack in terms of uttering the most ridiculous and hilarious words/sounds every time any player on the field does something right or wrong - which let's be honest, makes the match infinitely more interesting. Nowhere in the world - except possibly Spain and Argentina who are just as fanatical about football as we are - do commentators show such a sheer degree of enthusiasm. 

The exaggerated yelling and wailing that occurs both when we score and when we don’t score are just priceless. It gets to a point where we can’t even tell whether something good or bad has just happened between all of the ya salaaaaaaams and the yaaa Allah that goes on. Every syllable must be elongated; every word must be yelled repeatedly. YAA SALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!! YANHAR ABYAAAAAAD! 3AMALHA 3AMALHA! 3AMALHA 3AMALHA! HELWA HELWA HELWA!!!

So, in light of last night's match and to celebrate our achievements so far in the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, we put together a list of 11 times our Arab commentators made football match that much better with their excitement. And then there's that time the feed cut and Mahmoud Bakr just started talking about how he hoped school children would find desks...

Amer Abdallah in Disbelief

Mesh Momken

The Improvising Mahmoud Bakr

The Extremely Impressed Medhat Shalaby

Chronological Ahmed Shobair

Irrelevant Ahmed Shobair


Hysterical Disbelief

The Disappointed Hafeez Al-Daraji

Rhyming Raouf Khalif’s Ronaldo Tornado

The Poetic Essam El Shawaly 

Main image retrieved from Yahoo.