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30 Cars Are Racing in An Egyptian Airport Today

Battle of the Wheels are upping their game for the most insane finale imaginable. Think, Need for Speed in Sahel with choppers flying around you.

Racing video games like Need for Speed, Juiced, Carmagadon, and Blur have carried the lump sum of most of our younger years and even some more in our adult years to be honest. So there's always this little extra slot in all our hearts for that revving sound of a race car. Naturally as we grew more mature and aware, we have come to realise that most of these games were mostly unrealistic and even absurd. But that's not always the case, as few dreamers decided to bring this world of video games to life here in Egypt.

After a year full of insane amounts of adrenaline, the Battle of the Wheels finale is upon us and it's even more insane and out of this world than we had imagined. Since March of 2017, more than 300 racers battled to qualify and earn one of the 30 spots at the epic finale. For the first time in Egypt, one race that brought together the beauty of three of the most prominent racing disciplines in the sport: drift, speed, and gymkhana.

To ensure the ultimate videogame-like experience for the racers and the audience, Battle of the Wheels went for the most unimaginable location for the race to take place: an airport! Yes this race is actually taking place in a freaking airport; Al Alamein Airport to be exact. Planes and choppers around you as you watch 30 of Egypt’s most bad-ass drivers smoking the asphalt. 10 teams of three, one in each discipline per team, are going to go head to head or should we say hood to hood, to land in first place and win the grand prize of EGP 250,000!

With a setting like that, and the steaks this high, Need for Speed has nothing on Egypt this year.