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6 Awesome Egyptian Notebooks

As Egypt's fashion and arts scenes continue to flourish, it's only natural that locally designed and produced stationery would follow. Here are a few of our favourites...

Once upon a time, we were forced to write in notebooks during high school in order to remember things like when King Henry chopped off his third wife’s head or what happened when x and y made math babies (Uhh that’s what we learned in school right? No? Maybe?). But now we use notebooks voluntarily because we realise that yes, you start to get old in your twenties, and early onset Alzheimer’s is basically kicking in and we can barely recall our mother’s birthday. But when it comes to getting organised, it’s so much funner when you have a cool notebook to jot down your various dates, meetings, to-do lists, thoughts, doodles of Sisi, sketches of your boss being stabbed…you get the picture. So we’ve rounded up some of the coolest local notebook brands in the city for you to scribble down all the aforementioned things in.

RNDM Designs

The very epitome of effortless cool, these notebooks and to-do lists, which feature sketches by local artist Hassan Hassan, make you feel like you need to drink black coffee and smoke cigarettes a la Tumblr. Lots of eye-less guys and skinny bitches.


THE ANIMALS ARE ALL ON ACID. Hani Mahfouz has taken it upon himself to bring some loopy creatures into your dreary life. 


Sleek, simple, and unlined. Minion not included.


Not your basic notebook, Planit comes complete with a monthly daily, even hourly calendar, mind map, and page of cheesy wanderlust-y inspirational quotes.


Because don’t we all miss the nineties? Mofkera is totally bringing them back. 

Habiba Barkouki Designs

Handmade personalised notebooks. Would you like a notebook that features the The Powerpuff Girls eating koshary? Done.