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6 After-Hours Spots to Go To in Cairo

This one's for the hardcore party people...

Everyone can agree that partying is fun. And sometimes here in Egypt you really crave an after-hours place since most clubs, bars, and venues around here close late…but not late enough for us real party-goers. Well you party fanatics will be happy to know we did a little research on the places that are open extra late for what you can call an extra push to your night.


Located in downtown near Medan Talat Harb on Kasr El Nil St. this venue should appeal to just about everyone being as they have special events every day of the week with music of all genres including experimental artists and bands. But why is this venue on the list? On Thursday and Friday they are open until 6AM. Yes you read that correctly party-goers; that means the sun will be coming up when the party is ending. This is assuming of course that you don’t go to an after-party, in which case keep on rocking...



On the bottom floor of the Trianon boat in Giza lies Bamboo. When the first party's over and you want to go somewhere with a plethora of music genres that range from Classic Rock, Hip-hop, and Egyptian tunes then this is the place for you (that’s an odd mix of genres though, we must admit). Before you know it the owners will be telling you to leave as the venue closes at 6AM but until then, you'll have no idea the sun is rising as the place is really dimly lit with red neon-like lights.



Located in Giza with a bright blue neon light that you will surely notice in the heart of night time you will stop and instantly smile because you’ll realise this is where you wanted to be. This place is the epitome of what after hours is as it OPENS at 2AM and closes at 7AM. With a wide variety of food, shisha, and drinks you and your friends may just end up going home when others are going to work.



Blues is a sophisticated bar (or pub - whichever your preference) located in Giza. This place is well known for its great food and well-rounded menu but if you haven’t been, it is apparently open until 6AM. This sounds like a pretty good idea when you’ve left a party and have some drunken munchies going on. Plus you can continue to drink as we wouldn’t put this on the list if there was no alcohol..



Coming out of a party at two or three in the morning with a little help from booze can leave you and your group creating absurd yet amusing ideas of what to do next. Like, you’re in the mood to go to a boat after party for instance. Well Armada located in Giza would help realise that idea. Open until 6AM, you and the homies and homegirls are sure to stumble upon more endeavours and memories that you may or may not remember.


Aricana Caba

Ok we feel like with a name like that you can definitely expect to have a good time at this after-hours joint. With an exciting cabaret-style bar, this place is open until 5AM. Basically, as you’re leaving another bar or other establishment with your friends and are craving a continuation of the party you can enjoy belly dancing complimented by alcohol and even more belly dancing.