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8 Egyptian Reasons You Shouldn't Sleep Naked

With everyone sharing the supposed health benefits of sleeping in the nude, we know it just doesn't work like that in Egypt...

Over the last few days, a viral listicle has been swarming our Facebook feed; something along the lines of '5 Scientific Reasons You Should Sleep Naked' (we have also included the customary sexy Tumblr girl in bed as main image). Well, that's all well and good if you've grown up in Western countries where sleeping in the buff is considered normal. Here's why those sharing it in Egypt, might be...ahem... sharing too much...

1) If your mum or maid comes in in the morning, they will immediately think you are a sexual deviant of some kind, 3eib. Letting all bare is simply not part of our culture in any means... unless maybe you're sleep walking... like this guy in Alexandria probably was...

2) Egypt is a notoriously sandy and dusty country, of course. Dust mites can become particularly irritating to the skin causing red, raw, dry rashes not to mention potential allergies. Just imagine these cute furry little ones crawling all over your bare bits...

3) Mosquitoes. Do you really want to spray OFF all over your body?

4) Who wants to get changed for Fajr Prayer?

5) There's never perfect weather in Egypt; it's either too hot or too cold and the fated back and forth between the air conditioner remote and or a heavy jumper is a must.

6) For the most part Egyptian homes don't have carpets. It's usually balaat, or barkay. As such, insulation and warmth is hard to come by for those middle of the night strolls to the bathroom or kitchen, especially sock-less.

7) Wearing kolot, especially Egyptian cotton, like those from Jil... makes you feel like you're wearing nothing anyways but oh-so smooth too.


8) Everyone in Egypt smokes all the time, everywhere. Smoking in bed = hotrocking. Would you want your skin hotrocked? No. Either way, smoking naked is weird unless you're a Femme Fatale in a Bertolucci movie.

Who sleeps in Cairo anyways? Beep, beep.

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