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8 Instagrammable Spots in Cairo

Away from its customary hustle-and-bustle, Cairo also happens to be a spot for some highly Instagram-worthy eye-candy. Here is a list of our favourites!

Instagram has officially become the world's number one reigning obsession. You must document each and every single moment of your life – that cool graffiti, your midday snack, your afternoon poop… If it isn’t up on Instagram, there's no proof you had a good time and saw these amazing things! How will people know the minute details of your existence?? HOW? We pull out our phones anytime anything vaguely interesting crosses our path, we know the filters off by heart (we're suckers for Valencia); it's the new crack. Anyway without further ado, here are some places in Cairo that are so totes Instagrammable…

Khan El Khalili
It's an overload of bronze patterned lanterns with coloured glass, Islamic patterns, and ubercool vintage finds that fill up the entire frame - just perfect for Instagram.



Lemon Tree
This adorable Nile-side venue is literally an Instagrammer's wet dream; it's so bohemian in hurts, all vintage blue bicycles and chalkboards, wooden panels and actual trees of lemon.

This city staple right on the banks of the Nile has been around since God knows when, always delivering the same fab view. You've got the whole chic-meets-casual rustic feel of the place itself, and then couple that with the Nile view and you've got yourself one gorgeous Instapost.


Sufi Bookstore
So vintage. So authentic. So oriental. Old black and white photos line the walls, the tiles are all faded patterns...forget the damn books – pull out your camera ASAP.


Cairo Tower
That tall latticed gem of a tower – our very own Eiffel Tower if you will. Whether you snap it in your actual photo, sticking up behind trees or buildings, or you take a city-view shot from the tower itself, it's always Instagold!

Bar D'o
It's got that I'm-too-cool-for-life Brooklyn vibe, all authentic red brick walls and cool art hung up on them. It's grungy greatness embodied, and their jam jars of liquor deserve a whole Instashot on their own.

The Hanging Church
One of the oldest churches in the country, with a history that dates back to the 3rd century CE, it's an important historical and religious monument. Incidentally it also looks great on Instagram – cool designs, amazing architecture, the whole package!

Ibn Tulun Mosque
Mosques in general are a beautiful Instagram subject and this one is no exception. Located in Old Cairo, it's an architectural gem of a Mosque, all arches and intricate design work on the walls.