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8 Ways to Approach an Egyptian Guy: An Illustrated Guide

You think you’ve found the one, only you don’t know them. Fret not for CairoScene has you covered...

It’s that primal animal instinct that first gets you attracted to that one person. It’s not that you're shallow but you’ve been taken by the way they look and are intrigued to learn more...Only how can you do that? You can’t just walk up to a guy and be like, “’s it going good lookin'?” Yes we urge you not to do that and it most probably will not work to your benefit. So here are ways you can get to know if their inside matches their outside.

Stop, drop and roll


Whether you are walking passed them or jogging around their track, once you see them; trip and fall as gracefully as possible. You simply stop, drop and roll towards them. If they proceed to be your knight in shining armour, then strike a conversation possibly as to how clumsy you are. If they simply look at you baffled and continue walking despite your excellent rolling skills then you don’t want to be attracted to someone like that anyway.

Eye contact


Please do not stare. Under no circumstance should you stare; this will simply transform the scenario into you resembling a hungry predator and they the victim. Proper eye contact is your gateway to a future of romantic walks on the beach and pleasant picnics on lazy summer days. Casually look their way and if you feel you can get away with it, master a casual smile...Do not grin, it's weird.

Single White Female


Why do we have social media? For stalking of course. Please, don’t tell us you have not at least once stalked someone via their social media...Hello, public profile! Social media will not help you to know more about them, you might end up finding out about their entire family tree. Find out who are your mutual friends and simply ask for an introduction.

How You Doin’


For the brave-hearted, and if the environment is right, feel free and compliment them. Already an out of the box approach, you have to really think about the compliment seeing that it can become borderline creepy. "Hey, I like how you squat," is super weird.

Damsel in Distress

Soften the Miss Independent act and as a question. Directions. Keep them generic... Do not go asking him what is the meaning of life, or the fate of whales due to the increase in global warming. A question about underground music usually gets the boys going.

Deja Vu


The classic “do I know you?” question. You walk up to them, squint your eyes slightly and then look as if you’ve been hit with a revelation: “Oh my God!” Be careful thought; you may find yourself in a loop of questions: “You were with me in that class...Aztec art? No? Then it must be from that event Vegans Forever?” Point is, don't get too specific.

Pick Up Line

Come up with a kick ass pick up line. Cheesy as it may be, you might end up being so funny that it breaks the ice and you laugh together starting a beautiful journey of true love. Here's one to get you going: “Boy, you must be descended from Tutankhamun 'cause you royal."

Break The Mould

Just be straightforward; it seems scary but what is the worst that can happen? How did people meet before social media? What is so abnormal about going up to someone and striking up a conversation? Unless he already has a girlfriend and if that’s the case, CairoScene can not be held responsible.

Illustrations by: Muna Abdurrahman