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A Baby Party is Happening Next Week in Cairo and Parents Get in For Free

Who said babies shouldn’t be learning how to party from a young age? Groovy Baby is throwing a 'Fun and Dance' party next week for toddlers to get their little booties shaking.

Admit it, you love to party but you often struggle to get anywhere with a child on your hands because it would just be highly inappropriate. But to overcome this struggle, you need to be a firm believer that one is never too young to learn the art form of partying (or that you should probably take them with you regardless of what anyone else says). To warm you up and prepare for that inevitable moment, Groovy Baby are throwing a Fun and Dance party on Tuesday the 26th of May at The Swiss Club Garden for toddlers aged nine months to three-years-old and their parents. Think of it as a Nacelle bash for babies.We all know how much of a pain in the backside it is to try and keep kids entertained. If you don’t do it, they nag and wail, and if you do it too well, they will never leave you ever again. Two mothers Dana Moussa and Nour Omar decided to start their company Groovy Baby to entertain our little bundles of joy and this month they’re focusing on toddlers under three years old. “Toddlers in this age group aren’t in school yet and it’s very difficult to keep them entertained all the time,” Omar tells us.

There will be music, lots of baby booty shaking, jumping castles, arts and crafts, educational activities, musical instruments, and heaps more. But to reserve your spot, make sure you grab a ticket between Sunday and Thursday from 11 AM - 1 PM at Beanos Café in Zamalek, or from 3 PM - 6 PM from Gezira Club. It’s 200 LE per child and the parents get in for free. Yep, for once the adults can actually get in somewhere for free.

For more, call 01223179999 or 01223442114.

Check out Groovy Baby on Facebook and Instagram.