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A Sweat-Free Summer

Kurt Galalah headed over to Adidas HQ to check out the launch of their latest ClimaChill range... Only to find out it's for women. CairoScene Girls 1, Kurt 0.

A few weeks ago, God flipped the cosmic switch on Egypt’s weather, making it officially summer. In the blink of eye, I went from enjoying cool, wet weather suitable enough to take a stroll on the Corniche to hot, dry weather ideal for forging iron. And soon, all that seemed pleasant and green now wilted and withered under the fierce gaze of the blistering Sauron, turning black and dying.

Which is why I was more than happy when I received an invitation from Adidas for the launch of their latest Training ClimaChill collection that supposedly keeps your body cool in hot conditions.

I entered the Adidas building feeling as optimistic as Sam from Lord of the Rings (he was pretty fucking hopeful if you never watched/read it). All my nightmares about sweating like a sheep on Eid morning will be over. My optimism lasted merely five minutes as I found out Adidas were not just releasing any Training ClimaChill collection, they were releasing a WOMEN’s Training ClimaChill collection. I envied women. I hated women. I wanted to kill women. Not really, but Climachill did make me wish I was a woman that day.

The new range of Adidas temperature-control sportswear features its most advanced cooling technology ever promising to keep the wearer up to 36% cooler. In addition to flatter fabric, they’ve used titanium SubZero flat yarn with titanium woven throughout the inside of each ClimaChill shirt. The idea is that this conducts heat away from the body for what Adidas describes as “a refreshing, cool-to-the-touch feel.” More interestingly, they’ve also incorporated lots of 3D aluminum ‘cooling spheres’ on the inside of the shirt around the shoulders and upper back, a heat centre where cooling is needed most. After I was shown all these (literally) cool things, I was on my leaving when Adidas treated with a bag of ClimaChill goodies (for women) that included sports bra, vest, bag and a water bottle. Then I left to the doctors to get my gender realignment surgery.